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Graduate Students

I am currently hiring new graduate students to work on the e-nose project.

In general, students who are interested in joining my group as PhD candidate should contact me by email (smela@umd.edu), including a cover letter, resume and pdf copies of any journal publications.

You will also need to officially apply to the Department of Mechanical Engineering for admission to the graduate program. There are deadlines in the winter for admission in September of the following year, and deadlines in the summer for December admission. I do not generally hire Masters students.

As another general piece of advice, regardless of where you are applying for admission, in your statement of purpose, you should clearly state the research areas that interest you.

Although the Department does not accept applications for the summer semester, if accepted for Fall then you will generally start in my research group over the summer.


I am currently hiring a new postdoc to work on the e-nose project. This hire will work most of the year with our collaborators in Japan.


Undergraduate volunteers are welcome in the group!

Students should have at least 10 hours/week during the semester that they would like to devote to research.  If you are interested, contact me by email (smela@umd.edu) to set up an appointment to discuss the possibilities.   It is generally expected that students will begin as a volunteer during the Fall or Spring semester and continue to a paid position during the summer, although exceptions are possible.

The University of Maryland is an equal opportunity employer, and
women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.


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