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Developing technologies at the micro-scale.


The main focus for the Laboratory for MicroTechnologies is creating new technologies that combine inorganic materials (silicon chips, optical fibers, etc.) with organic materials (polymers, cells, etc.) at the micro-scale.  For further information, look under Research or click one of the pictures above.

  • We are active in bioMEMS, working in the areas of cell-based sensing, cell manipulation, microfluidics, and mapping nucleic acids in tissue sections. 
  • We have a long history of working with "artificial muscles", previously conjugated polymers and dielectric elastomer actuators and, more recently, nastic actuators. 
  • Recently we began working in the area of tactile skins for robotics based on thin film piezoresistive latex/graphite composite paints.


Web Site Updates

This site was last updated in August 2015.  

A new page was added on touch-sensing skins for robotics. New information was added to the page on DEAs.



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Elisabeth Smela

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